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Shocks, Struts & Suspension Repair Service Near Me in Midland

Shocks, struts, and suspensions aren’t something that most people think about until they start to go bad. Without this essential system, your vehicle wouldn’t absorb and distribute kinetic energy properly, leading to an uncomfortable ride and potentially dangerous driving conditions. If you suspect your vehicle’s suspension or struts are beginning to wear down, bring your vehicle into Garber Chevrolet Midland’s service center to have it looked at by one of our ASE-certified technicians.

The most common sign of a deteriorating suspension is an excessively bouncy, swaying, or just overall uncomfortable driving experience. You may be tempted to try and just live with the uncomfortable ride, but you shouldn’t do this. The shocks and struts are responsible for absorbing energy and supporting the vehicle’s weight, while also providing a balanced ride and improved vehicle control.

When this system begins to break down, it leads to more than just a rougher ride – it becomes a safety concern then too. The suspension and struts keep the vehicle balanced during turns and other change-of-direction maneuvers. If you need to turn suddenly, the vehicle can sway in the opposite direction and flip if the suspension is too poor to distribute the kinetic energy properly.

That’s why it’s so important to get the suspension and struts looked at as soon as you suspect an issue. If you believe your vehicle’s suspension is in need of repair, click the button below to schedule your next service appointment at Garber Chevrolet Midland.


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Shocks, Struts, and Suspension FAQ's

The following are signs of a deteriorating suspension system:

  • The drive is excessively bouncy
  • The vehicle is swaying, even at slow speeds
  • The car does not sit level when parked
  • The vehicle is not handling well
  • The steering wheel feels loose
  • The ride is uncomfortable

Absolutely! At highway speeds, a faulty suspension system can prevent the springs in your vehicle from absorbing energy, which could result in the vehicle lifting off the ground. A vehicle with a failing suspension system also becomes less responsive. In the event you make a sudden change of direction, the vehicle could sway the opposite direction and result in your vehicle flipping.

Your vehicle’s suspension is nothing to mess with – it’s a major feature designed to keep you safe. That being said, don’t take chances! To ensure your suspension is good to go, come into Garber Chevrolet Midland and see a technician today.

Garber Chevrolet Midland takes pride in servicing all vehicle makes, models, and ages. Whether you purchased your car from us or another dealership, we are happy to help with your vehicle needs. If you have any questions or concerns about the Garber Chevrolet Midland Service Center at Garber Chevrolet Midland in Midland, feel free to call us at (989) 546-5457.



Monday - Friday: 7:30AM - 5:30PM
Saturday: 8:00AM - 3:00PM